Helheim…. As I see it…

ImageI suppose that my first post here should be of something powerfully moving to entice you into reading.  but, its not yet 5am so the only powerful anything i have is the above image, which is (for me anyhow) very powerful.  It was created from 5 different images photo edtited and meshed together.


The raven is the psychopomp form taken when I do what I do, the sky is a long exposure of the Aurora borealis taken of the sky over Iceland and to me represents the bridge we all cross into whatever afterlife we have.  The land formation is also of Iceland (are we seeing a theme here yet?) with an old foggy castle added into it and represents Helas Hall.  The lake the land lies beyond is of fire – as i see it anyway – and for me it represents the influence of Helas parents Loki and Angrboda in Her life and work.  As well as their influence to me…

Next time… The Story of Me




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