Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Ok not really but it might as well be……

I began this blog ostensibly to share my experiences, but there is a bit more to it in reality. The reality is that It began because He ‘strongly suggested’ that I write. This particular entry is another ‘strong suggestion’ from Him. Let me say up front that I am not questioning anyone’s UPG, nor am I saying that I am right and they are wrong. What I offer here is a perspective, opinion and I admit a bit of a rant …
I have seen a good many groups popping up here and there online. Some good, some… not so much. The good ones have what one would expect – discussion about lore, misconceptions, associated beings etc…. The bad ones… well, it’s a bunch of fluff overall. There is usually a very distinct line that is obvious unless one of the crazies gets into the good place at which point a shitstorm tends to follow.
The “crazy” I refer to this time is that if the ‘fan girl’ turned Devotee. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that does not happen or that it isn’t genuine for the person in question. What I am saying is that there is something that these people are missing. Yes, Tom Hiddletson makes a phenomenal Loki (and yes I AM a Hiddleston Fan girl), he looks good, he plays it well, he studied the Mythology to understand it AND the Marvel relationship. He plays the part well. But Tom Hiddletson is NOT Loki no matter how pretty he makes Him look. Loki doesn’t have a gold Helmet with ginormous horns, nor does he have the “glow stick of doom” to put it in Tony Stark’s words. At least He does not have them as Marvel depicts them.

Generally one can pick this up pretty quickly as posts tend to start with telltale words such as…. SQUEE! ACK! OMG! OOOOOOOH! And of course various other words on that level. There is also often a general reference to horned helmets, the aforementioned glow stick of doom and the dreaded ACTION FIGURE ON THE ALTAR. Again, I only offer my opinion here but my personal view of altar statuary is that it is representative of the deity in question. The biggest clue however the ‘fluff’ is is the ONLY thing posted or discussed. That is the truly annoying part.
I mean let’s face it we are talking about a deity known for mischief, pranks and extremes – as such I don’t think it is fair to think that there isn’t going to be at least some of the ‘fluff’ involved – AND ENJOYED – but when it to the exclusion of all else then I personally have a problem with it…..


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