Ivaldi and I….

I have mentioned briefly that my craft work is dedicated to Ivaldi as the progenitor of the crafting dwarves.  This is a prayer written to him from my heart and soul…

The Masters Craft… A Prayer for Ivaldi

You were the beginning

You whispered through the ages

Through the tools, through the metal, the gems, the things of the earth

The things I listened to…

The things I listened for, for the ways to work

to help them become what they innately sought to become

It was your voice that whispered through the things of the earth

Your craft that worked through my hands

Your skill that brought the things of the earth from rock and ore and made them into treasures worthy of our lore

Thank you for the blessing of your skill and knowledge given to these hands through the mind and heart


The above work was published in Galina Krasskova’s SCALDED APPLES  http://www.asphodelpress.com/book.html?title=skalded-apples-a-devotional-anthology-for-idunna-and-bragi

You can find my latest photos at www.facebook.com/ivaldisdreamtrove


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