My Craft… It Feeds My Soul 

This is no shock if you have seen my work really (and do please have a look at the link if you haven’t) but I am saying this now because as may be obvious the holiday season is on us.

No, I’m not just trying to sell you ion my craft dear readers.  I am also trying to make a small statement.

I had the unfortunate need to stop into the Wal-Mart on my way home from the in-laws bird eating festivities on Thursday.  So I walked in and it took me 10 minutes to wade my way through the morass of stupidity and negativity that the interior of the building had become just to pick up ONE Item.  I began wading my way back thru said morass to find the end of a line.  I found none.  In those 15 minutes I went from being in a rather pleasantish mood to being ready to go postal and nuke the whole damned lot of them.

Now, I used to cleanse houses of some pretty unpleasant things.  But never Never Have I experienced such Concentrated IKCKKK as I did in those 15 minutes.  I think maybe we could have applied the story concept used in the GHOSTBUSTERS II movie as a template for the way the energy in there felt.

Now we all know that Loki loves His bit of Chaos now and then but this… this even made Him want to run… and run fast.  I got back in the car, immediately looked at my dearest husband and told him I was going to disappear because I was that much not ok after that experience.  Immediately popped in the noise isolating earbuds and disappeared… I showed back up more than an hour later when we were nearly home.

Dear reader I tell you this because frankly I would not wish that kind of BLECH on even my most hated enemy.  Please, PLEASE spare yourself and your loved ones of that kind of experience.

SHOP LOCALLY, SHOP with your ONLINE *Local* COMMUNITY, SHOP with the Folk Who Share your Faith, your ideals and your common interests!  There are MILLIONS of us out there; I am just one of many

Below you will find a list of Facebook and Etsy  pages, these are artists and crafters that I consider MY community and MY Family, PLEASE look them over and see if they have something that fills a need you have.  You will be making an actual person benefit from your patronage…

This is not a complete list by any means at all but it is a start and I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE any and everyone to feel free to ass any links to the comments section PLEASE.

My intention is to BUILD this resource!



in the still darkness
where there is only me
And the air that i breathe
The space I am in,
The warmth that brings sweat on the coldest night.

There is quiet.
Blissfull, peaceful
Golden Quiet

The Quiet of Between
The Void
Where There is No Thing,
Yet All

The Bliss of this quiet is undeniable,
and undefinable.
It is what The sages spoke of Long ago
It is utter

It is the space That Sky Dancer Lives
It is comfort, A soft whisper saying ‘breathe it’s ok”
It is simply Him,
My Loki,
The one who has been there forever…

In the darkest Still Quiet

For it IS Mighty, and it WILL Destroy You

This is what Tom Hiddleston said on his facebook page about this song. So I listened. And I do no tthink he lied.


Hail The World Breaker!

The Music , it comes
it says to me, Leikin Lokisgydhia, you have wings, You have the power to Soar the Highest of Heights. Do so, Take wing and fly to The Heights. Be with The clouds, Dance in the sky. No, Don’t dance IN the sky.. Dance THE sky Be the wind that burns as fire through the midnight dark, Be the lightning and Dance, Dance the sky…..

Hail, Hail to Thee My Skydancer! Hail to Thee!

While i have only recently formalized my oaths to Loki myself, from the moment i came to heathenry it was within a construct that was never unfriendly to Loki. I am very lucky to be surrounded by folk that get that. Most importanly my husband Adam gets it and treasures the devotion I have to both Him and My Spirituality as a testament to keeping faith with myself and to our family. Somethign that for me is of vital importance.

The importances that are stressed in this blog can never be stressed enough IMO

Life With Laufey’s Son….


the bearable lightness of Being devoted to Him

So, now that it’s all out on the table so to speak so many things are processing….

Now, I have never hidden anything about myspirituality from my wonderfully supportive husband.  But I have struggled with how to communicate the complex simplicity (yes I know the terms contradict a good deal but this is Loki we are talking about) of the dynamic and what it means for me, for him and for our children since both he and the older two children do not work within a heathen related construct.  That is something that is not easy to do really, and they still don’t fully understand the depth of it all BUT they do know that this whole thing makes me more spiritually whole and when I am more whole I function better… isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

He pointed out to me that the Tattoo I got for Him is the only one outside of the one I have for my husband and children that has the symbol for infinity as a part of the design.  Add to that the nebula chosen is the boomerang – while it may be thrown far afield it ever returns to the point of origin and of course the star of Chaos.  How better to make an oath than to make it a part of my sacred body art.  Well except that while I knew it was ink dedicated to Him I had not thought of it as an oath.  Until He pointed it out, and I was all “of course it is”.  To that end, I made my Formal Oath to Him last night on Samhain as I stood in my Garden to The Gods and Made my offerings to Them, and all of the wights and ancestors.  I promised Him that I would always Honor Him and to that end I would hold myself to  a higher Standard, to push myself to meet the challenges put before me and to always honor He and His Family.  I will also do all in my power to help dispel the misconceptions about Him and bring The Truth of his Character into the light so that the prejudices and stigmas begin to dissipate and those of us that DO Give Him Honor need not do it in darkened corners of the world far from the eyes of those we would normally call our community.

There seems also to be a good deal about God Spousery, devotion et al,  of late too.  I have seen it suggested that they seem to be ‘crawling out of the woodwork’ so to speak.  And While I agree that it seems I am meetinga good many folk with this kind of calling/relationship dynamic with Loki I do not believe for an instant that is it because there is a sudden abundance of those that have been called to service.  I think it is a matter of the channels of communication being flung open to a much greater degree than they have been before and as such those that have been called are simply much more able to connect with each other.  And I must say that for Me that is a blessing.  I would not trade my brothers and sisters in Him for any world.  We each of us have our roles, each different from the other but none less important.

In any case His affection for me is palpable (as is that of all of the gods and wights i work with and honor) , it is ever present and fills me with knowledge that I have done the right thing and that in stepping foot on this path I have likely taken the surest step I have yet taken in my spiritual development.  And That will always be a decision made in joy, no matter how He pushes, no matter how He enflames, no matter how He shows me my own flaws as well as His own.  This is a choice that I made with my will, not coercion and fear.  And for that reason alone This Lightness, this spark will always be bearable.

I am Leikin Ondshrafn.   I am a Lokiswoman Helasgydhia, and an Odinsdottir, A wife to the most amazing man in the world and mother to amazing daughters of my own.  First because without my spirit work I am not whole and when I am not whole I am no good to my self or to my family and  I am His devotee because He has brought me more than He has taken and given His Love Freely and without condition.