My Craft… It Feeds My Soul 

This is no shock if you have seen my work really (and do please have a look at the link if you haven’t) but I am saying this now because as may be obvious the holiday season is on us.

No, I’m not just trying to sell you ion my craft dear readers.  I am also trying to make a small statement.

I had the unfortunate need to stop into the Wal-Mart on my way home from the in-laws bird eating festivities on Thursday.  So I walked in and it took me 10 minutes to wade my way through the morass of stupidity and negativity that the interior of the building had become just to pick up ONE Item.  I began wading my way back thru said morass to find the end of a line.  I found none.  In those 15 minutes I went from being in a rather pleasantish mood to being ready to go postal and nuke the whole damned lot of them.

Now, I used to cleanse houses of some pretty unpleasant things.  But never Never Have I experienced such Concentrated IKCKKK as I did in those 15 minutes.  I think maybe we could have applied the story concept used in the GHOSTBUSTERS II movie as a template for the way the energy in there felt.

Now we all know that Loki loves His bit of Chaos now and then but this… this even made Him want to run… and run fast.  I got back in the car, immediately looked at my dearest husband and told him I was going to disappear because I was that much not ok after that experience.  Immediately popped in the noise isolating earbuds and disappeared… I showed back up more than an hour later when we were nearly home.

Dear reader I tell you this because frankly I would not wish that kind of BLECH on even my most hated enemy.  Please, PLEASE spare yourself and your loved ones of that kind of experience.

SHOP LOCALLY, SHOP with your ONLINE *Local* COMMUNITY, SHOP with the Folk Who Share your Faith, your ideals and your common interests!  There are MILLIONS of us out there; I am just one of many

Below you will find a list of Facebook and Etsy  pages, these are artists and crafters that I consider MY community and MY Family, PLEASE look them over and see if they have something that fills a need you have.  You will be making an actual person benefit from your patronage…

This is not a complete list by any means at all but it is a start and I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE any and everyone to feel free to ass any links to the comments section PLEASE.

My intention is to BUILD this resource!


16 thoughts on “My Craft… It Feeds My Soul

  1. michael wilson says:

    Don’t forget about my fabulous pyro art!!/The.Kenaz.Sword

  2. Sindr says:

    W0rd. This is how I feel about my own Work as well, and I’ve also written about it on my Tumblr – it rocks me when my customers love what I’ve made for them. It pleases me when they write to me in thanks – more to the point, I’m happy as hell that they’re happy and didn’t feel some stupid obligation dictated by custom. They ordered because they LIKED it, they wanted it, and they weren’t wearing the grim “obligated-to-buy-presents” face on when they did it.

    This year I’m getting stuff from crafters as presents, buying cards made by artists or making my own, that sort of thing. Because it’s not work the seven-levels-of-Dis to go into a shop, and especially not during a season which is supposed to be about Good Things.

  3. Leikin says:

    THank you Sindr! That really is the truth of it. My work, what i create is a devotion for me. Each thing i create is coming from a place within me tha tis sacred, it is a task I have been given to do that I have completely embraced, It is beautiful, it brings joy to the one receiving it and more importantly for me, it takes the place where i am in spirit work and makes it into a tangible thing that can be seen, touched and held. when one can do that with their spirit work there is to me no greater gift.

  4. Leikin says:

    also want to add an event here that i am a part of and that many of my friends are as well

  5. Kris Bradley says:

    What a great idea! You can find my witchy good and some fun holiday ornaments here:

  6. Nydia Macedo says:

    This is really such a cool idea, and you’re generous to share our pages, thank you!

    My witchcraft Facebook page is here:

  7. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    I can only agree with this. Although I am not going any aggressive marketing of my store or crafts this year due to my anniversary and my spirit work obligations, I both find a great deal of fulfillment in making things with my hands and find the overt commercialism of this season to be downright sickening, I also have a new rule for myself regarding ritual items, religious images and jewelry, and spiritual tools that I do not make myself: from now on, I will be buying handcrafted, exclusively, where my sacred items are concerned. Not only does this help support other artisans, but handmade is just better!

  8. Beth says:

    Thank you for the shout-out, Michelle! I reblogged this. 🙂

  9. Sindr says:

    As an aside I suppose I should post my shop? Heh, thanks for opportunity!

  10. Reblogged this on Brandie Flowers Photography and commented:
    Support those that craft. Artists, photographers, dancers, local singers ect. Support us.

  11. Ulrik Sommer says:

    Hi there:)
    I make viking jewelry. Based both on archeological findings and my own design.

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