Loki Hearts Embrace

I sit next to my husband in the van after we have dropped off the oldest  child at her BFF’s  place for a sleep over.  We are listening to The Avengers.  The “KNEEL!” scene.  I say to husband that If I were in front of Loki and He said to kneel  before Him I would drop without hesitation.  Husband says he would not, then I explain why I would.   Why would I kneel or bow or any of it to Loki?  Simple, He is my God, I know without question that He would not ask it of me if there were not reason.  Loki is many things to be sure, but I have never known Him to do anything to a Devotee without valid reason for doing it.  My wonderful husband thought that made sense.

I sat there listening to whatever came on next – I had faded into some place else.  Then I felt it.  Warmth in front of me, then a hand on my chest, just over my heart, gentle pressure.  Then it was through my chest, holding my heart.  Gently holding it.  Then, it began t get warm, and glow.  It was an Ember, from His sacred Flame.

Even now it melts the single remaining bit of ice with my heart… there is no need for it to be there any longer.

The Bracelet He wanted has now been reworked.  Loki HeartsEmbrace…

Red Fire Agate, Black Dragon Vein Agate and Silver enameled Copper…..



4 thoughts on “Loki Hearts Embrace

  1. lokisgungnir says:

    wow it looks beautiful! i browsed your FB-page too, you really make wonderful jewelry!
    and i think the same, i would kneel immediatly if loki would want me to! i love the story combined with the piece you crafted!

    • Leikin says:

      thank you very much. it truly is a devotional work for me.

      It really is very simple for me, my fulltrui woudl not tell me to kneel without very good reason and i trust that . He is my beloved after all

  2. Leikin says:

    couldnt agree more

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