an EXCELLENT review of what I consider the most USEFUL book in my library at the moment.

Buy the book!

Adventures in Vanaheim

First, a caveat, I have had the pleasure of conversing with the author via Facebook, so the following will probably seem more than a little biased, having said that, though:

Buy this book. Right now.

If you have any interest in the “lesser” wights: alfs, dwarves, trolls, etins, land-wights, sea-wights, etc. ANY interest at all, you NEED this book in your library!

This book is, as the title suggests, about elves, wights, and trolls. It is broken up into several chapters, each covering a different sort of being: earth-wights, etins, rises, and thurses, water-wights, light and dark alfs, and svartalfs (dwarves), respectively. In addition to containing a wealth of information regarding these various beings, Gundarsson includes chapters on finding wights, changelings, and rites that one can use should one wish to contact a wight or an alf (with all the usual warnings suggestions for how to minimize the risk…

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