The Divine Gift of Laughter

Why yes, this is a speciality of Loki IMO.  Yesterday I had the great blessing of being in a photo shoot for an article in the Pretty Pear Bride  on Second chance Love.  My husband and I have been married for 13 years and he is my second (and third) husband.  So we were featured as the long term relationship.  The pictures – from what I hear are fantastic.  The goal was to capture the spirit of our relationship.  We were making faces at each other, playing around and I even shocked him by hanging out a window scaring him to bits!.  There was much laughter to be had.  After that we made dinner for my sister Morgan and her husband then we invited Loki into our hearth and bade him enjoy our company and drink with us in honor of all of our sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, partners, sons and daughters.  We then played Cards Against Humanity which is TOTALLY  Lokean IMO.  Irreverant, twisty, hysterical and strange thought provoking.  Though that is only a small part of Who He Is it is an important part.  I honestly believe that humor and laughter is the purest gift we can receive from the Divine.  IT comes to s uncorruptable.  Laughter IS, it promotes healing (endorphins) and it just makes you feel good.  Lower vibrations just do not comprehend it at all really either.  They sort of look at you like you’ve just grown some strange appendage out of your eyeball while standing there.

I say this all because too often we forget that laughter is a gift.  It is something to be treasured and reveled in and honored!  I think Loki is especially appreciative of it all.  And Sometimes He sees fit to reveal Himself intimately in these moments is some very unexpected ways.

Hail Loki King of Fools!



4 thoughts on “The Divine Gift of Laughter

  1. scribe88 says:

    Reblogged this on Welcome to My Lokean Life and commented:
    As a fellow Loki godspouse, I totally agree with laughter being the greatest gift He can give us 🙂 Sometimes I can be uptight about a few things and He reminds me to lighten up a bit even in the smallest ways, which can make a huge difference. My laugh is really loud and deep and He relishes in it. For a while before Loki came into my life I would try to quiet it down a bit in public because, to me, it sounded so rambuctious and distracting to others. But a few times when I tried to calm my laughter with Him around, He was like, “Why are you trying to hide it? Never hide your laugh, I love it!” Ever since then, it’s been extremely hard to try to keep it down when something makes me want to LOL as everyone else in my house is trying to sleep in the wee hours of blogging nights. And I couldn’t be more thankful, Loki 🙂

    • Leikin says:

      😀 I think that its somethign that is easy for a devotee to forget sometimes. And I think we forget it because of all of the other aspects He has and shares with us are so important too. Everyone sees “the Trickster” and i think that many of us spend a good deal of time trying to dispel that singular conception of Him.

      edit to add that my role with Loki is STRICTLY that of a Devotee, not a godspouse just for clarification. no more and no less

      THank you very much for sharing!

      • scribe88 says:

        Exactly! When I told one of my coven sisters about my relation to Loki and how I could care less about his bad reputation in the myths, she said that it’s always good to get to know someone by learning who they ARE rather than assuming what they’re like by what they’re known FOR. Loki is forever thankful, too 🙂

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