Ivaldis Dream Trove ON SALE NOW

Ivaldis Dream Trove ON SALE NOW

A deviation from the standard spiritual ramblings today out of pure desperation….


We here at Leikins Casa de Loki are in a not too pleasant bind.  Brakes out on the van means we are broke until payday on the 30th.  This… is NOT good…  in fact it could be monumentally BAD.  


But that is where you dear reader and fan of my shiney baubles come in.  Please look at the link.  you will find there a virtual trove of treasures that you can own any one of  right now for 25% off and free shipping in the Domestic US.  Who knows I may even throw in a free gift or something else spiffy with it.  


Please feel free to pass this along.  


I have a craft for a reason, if i cannot use it to put food in my kids bellies then what can i use it for?  Thanks for reading, please have a look and thanks in advance for anythign else



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