The importance of this powerful post cannot be underemphasized enough.

Those of us that do this work – and I do count myself among them having realized that the things I have gone through and the choices I have made have indeed been sacrifices to this Service – have been powerfully important to the Service. Service ALWAYS involves Sacrifice. It is our choice to make it often, but more often the sacrifices (IME) are taken first with explanations given later.

I encourage everyone from the n00b to the expereinced spirit worker to read and seriously consider everything in this repost and ALL of the comments attached to it

Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars

There’s been an uptick in my network of colleagues; people who range from being mildly worried to furiously angry when they ask “How do I get a Godphone/hear the Gods better/develop Sight/become a God’s spouse?”

I feel for them. I know what it’s like to sit in the darkened silence, praying, knowing that a single word, touch, or even omen-like coincidence would be all the assurance I needed in the world. Yes, I am saying that even though I do experience messages from the Gods and have a reciprocal relationship with some of my patrons, there are also times when I sit in the darkened silence as well.

It makes you feel like it’s all in vain; maintaining the altars, studying the Lore, keeping up with your spiritual practice, and sometimes merely calling yourself a devotee of a specific God or even just a Pagan. Many of us set out…

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