sooooo, an ongoing thing….

well, we have raised a good portion of the necessary funds to get our wonderful friends to trothmoot but that is just not enough really IMO.  


There needs to be an ongoing fundraising effortso that we have a resource avaialbe in the future should we need it.  so we don’t have to scramble at the last minute again.


that said I’m going to keep listing auctions as items can be donated to it.  currently listed items can be found


and I have started a facebook group for heathen fundraising as well called the Super Secret (or not) Heathen Fundraising Page where one can find info and updates and is loosley associated with the Lokean League of Very Bad People (naturally) cuz you know we are evil like that… lol



YEsterday I posted a link to help raise funds for KveldufR and Sagadis to get to Trothmoot wiht the promise that we woudl be adding auctions for those taht wished to contribute in that way well… Keep an eye out becuase I will be adding them thru the day and week! Gothic Chainmaille Choker

il_570xN.445406649_srmp  People Die Here Signed Print

B1  Grandmothers Tree Signed Print

b2  Great Goddess Rune Set

2013-04-16 11.36.122013-04-16 11.36.35 Edred Thorssons Northern Magic

2013-04-16 11.48.25 – Melodi’s Psychic Readings!

Get KveldufR and Sagadis to Trothmoot 2013!

Get KveldufR and Sagadis to Trothmoot 2013!


It’s not often that KveldufR and Sagadis are able to get to the US.  but this year Trothmoot is in California and that is Sagadis’ home so it woudl be especially wonderful for her to be able to attend.  Additionally KveldufR has done SOOOO MUCH WORK to “Clear Lokis Name” and bring the many unspoken aspects of Himself to light  that his absence would be very deeply felt this being the first year that Loki will have a Ve at the event.

That said we are fundraising to get them here.  We will be auctioning several incredible items in addition to the standard donation page.  Please come back for updates as we fill in details!


Mother To The Dead… To our Children Still Born (and Still Loved) and those who left us before they were Held

I am reposting this to honor my friend Zarah. Zara is a good heathen woman. Zarahs son Draco Lucius was stillborn saturday morning. Draco was beautiful, They suspect a placental abruption. But what it was doesnt matter. What matters is that this is anothe rmother whos child never cried. This is a chils who rests in Helas arms.

This is a child who is loved

The Ravens Breath

As Mother to the Dead Hel is given care of those children that are stillborn or lost in miscarriage. This for me gives great comfort as both one that does Her work and as one that has Survived 9 pregnancy losses – 8 miscarriages and one vanished twin. 1 in 4 women have survived this kind of loss and this month is pregnancy loss awareness month. No one ever teaches us how to grieve for a child we never held in our arms, no one talks about how to get through the whole thing. Its a death but its a largely unacknowledged death by most. but with the statistics being what they are I can almost guarantee that you know someone that has survived this loss. I would ask that we give offering to Hel for Her care and compassion for Her mothering to these lost children and for the…

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An Open Letter to the Church from My Generation

Ad you all know I’m WAY far from being Christian. But I know and love a good deal of peopel that ARE. Good people.

This bloggers words are powerful, beautiful and very deeply heartfelt. I salute her for her words

"I Said I Don't Know."--and Other Answers to Hard Questions


I got to go to the Macklemore concert on Friday night. If you want to hear about how that went, ask me, seriously, I want to talk about it until I die. The whole thing was great; but the best part was when Macklemore sang “Same Love.” Augustana’s gym was filled to the ceiling with 5,000 people, mostly aged 18-25, and decked out in thrift store gear (American flag bro-tanks, neon Nikes, MC Hammer pants. My Cowboy boyfriend wore Cowboy boots…not ironically….). The arena was brimming with excitement and adrenaline during every song, but when he started to play “Same Love,” the place about collapsed. Why? While the song is popular everywhere, no one, maybe not even Macklemore, feels its true tension like we do in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. If you’re not familiar, here’s the song:

Stop–did you watch it? Watch it.

Before the song, Macklemore spoke really…

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