Reflections: Marvel Loki

and excellent view and one that does not disagree with my own.

Loki the God has been a part of my life for longer than any other beign in my life. Period. Marvel Loki is USEFUL, but he is not THE GOD. However, I do think given Marvel Lokis usefulness that The God Loki had a hand in that as well….


So This Happened

So, a woman very dear to my soul had this idea. I like it very much. What’s more I think its important. It matters. Prayer matters, and its effective and i think its an important thing to do, even if its just “hey, I’m here doing what i do and i really want to thank you for being with me through it all”

It just matters, and it matters that we share wit with each other.

Thank you my sister for this brilliant and important yet oh so simple thing to do.

The Lure of Beauty

So This Happened

I saw a video of the Muslim Call to Prayer on YouTube, and it was beautiful and moving. I have always admired the Muslim practice of praying together, and I wished Paganism had it. I posted my desire on FB and 3 people said “We’re In”, so now I have it!

Each evening from 7-7:15 (PST), we will pray. To any deity, for anything, in any language. It is just a way to join our hearts and voices with the larger Pagan community. I hope some of you will join us.

No, I will not go outside and holler from the rooftops. If you set a reminder on your cell, computer, etc, that should suffice 😉

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On Divine Service – a bit ranty but oh well….

My Service to the Gods takes many forms, and has for quite some time in reality.  And make no mistake it IS absolutely Divine Service, Service to the Folk IS service to The Gods.  It may be easier to think that isnt the case but the reality is that when you are in a role of service to your community of faith then you ARE (Like it or Not) serving The Gods.


I am many things at this point in my life.  I am a wife to an amazing man, a mother to 3 beautiful children, a dottir of Oðin, psychopomp for Hela and Gyðia for Loki.  I am a founding member and defacto organizer for The Elkhorn Kindred in Central KY and a Sacred Queen in Service to the Vættir, Disir, Alfar and Svartalfar of the local area, and I am an artist – all of my art is a devotional practice to those that have blessed me with the gifts and tools to do Their Work in This World.  I take my work very seriously on all levels. 


Now, Am i as learned as i should be?  No of course I’m not did you see what it is I do?  And with 3 young children and a husband?  yeah… so ya see I’m not as learned as I should be. But then I’m not a Time Lord or anything like that so I do think I am as learned as I COULD be – time restrictions and all that.  But, be that as it may, I think i do a pretty ok job.  I do not pretend to have all of the answers, and when i do NOT have the answer I say I don’t have it and i do my best to find the answer the seeker has asked, if i cannot find it, i tell them that too.  sooooo on to my rant…


So, heres my great Rant…..  (and yes this may have been seen elsewhere prior to edit as a comment on another blog, it was MY content though)


When someone CLAIMS knowledge they don’t have it just flat pisses me off, for a TON of reasons . If you are going to do the Godspouse/Gyðia/Service thing then DO IT. ALL of it, and understand ALL that it means not just the ‘fun part’ you have to DO THE WORK. There is a degree of knowledge involved in this for most who claim the role of Service. As a Godspouse, Gyðia or Service Person (to ANY god) you have an obligation to know WTF you are talking about. You have an obligation to not make shit up you don’t ACTUALLY know and an obligation to tell those asking you that you do not know the answer – regardless of why you dont have it – but that if it is important to them you will see what you can do to find the answer. You cannot just fly by the seat of your pants in this regard. Those that take on ANY of the aforementioned roles have a responsibility to the God they are bonded to and Serve, ESPECIALLY Loki if only because of the gross amount of misconception their is about Him. Honor Him by actually knowing what the lore says and doesn’t say, by knowing the stories and natures of his family members  – ALL of those family members. From Glut and the Twins to Sigyn and their sons and everyone in between, INCLUDING Oðin and His kin as well becasue they ARE Blood brothers. KNOW what you speak, Do Not Bullshit, you are only maligning the God you claim to love when you half ass it.


This does NOT just apply to Deity either, this applies to ALL you give Service to, for me that means the Vættir, Disir, Alfar and Svartalfar, it means the Kindred I serve, it means the skills I have as well.  I am obligated as One In Service to give my best and nothing less than my best effort.  when I cannot do that then it IS up to me to make clear to those I serve that I have fallen short or make it right.  it really IS that simple.


So, I’m sure I have managed to piss off someone but oh well.  These things ARE important.  They DO matter and ultimately when you half ass it you are crapping on yourself as much as you are crapping on those you claim to Serve.

A Month for Freyr: Truly Being Loved

now, I am not a Freyrswoman most generally BUT I have to say this simple but deeply moving piece is quite beautiful to me and I am just at the beginning of learnign to know Freyr and this brings warmth to that learning

The Honey-Willow Home

I wanted to take this particular piece from the previous reblog by Jeanette Leblanc and post it separately, because it is both the secret of him and the secret of those of us who come to him.

Teach me how to be loved. Let me show you how to love me well. School me in the workings of your heart, in the language of your bones. Let my open palm memorize the shape of your face. Tell me the stories of your scars so I can trace them with the honor of understanding.

Do you see this fault line? It is where I was broken, over and over again, by the ones who came before you. Are you willing to take that in? My wide open eyes? My truth lives there, if you look for it.

I have been loved by those who didn’t care to discover all that I…

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