A Month for Freyr: Truly Being Loved

now, I am not a Freyrswoman most generally BUT I have to say this simple but deeply moving piece is quite beautiful to me and I am just at the beginning of learnign to know Freyr and this brings warmth to that learning

The Honey-Willow Home

I wanted to take this particular piece from the previous reblog by Jeanette Leblanc and post it separately, because it is both the secret of him and the secret of those of us who come to him.

Teach me how to be loved. Let me show you how to love me well. School me in the workings of your heart, in the language of your bones. Let my open palm memorize the shape of your face. Tell me the stories of your scars so I can trace them with the honor of understanding.

Do you see this fault line? It is where I was broken, over and over again, by the ones who came before you. Are you willing to take that in? My wide open eyes? My truth lives there, if you look for it.

I have been loved by those who didn’t care to discover all that I…

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