Ethereal Edition: To Sigyn

Beautiful Poem to Sigyn

Kvasir Amongst the Gods

In the writing of my last article, I found myself reflecting on some of the wrongs done to my own person that I have not yet been able to move past.  As I reflected upon this, I feel as though I may have touched upon something deeper and more meaningful.  It is with this thought in mind that I erect the following prayer.

SigynIn loss and in anguish,
In terror and horror,
In loss and betrayal,
You survive.

Your voice has no anger;
Your stance is not martial,
Your eyes are not hardened,
You endure.

There are wounds that Eir cannot see.
There are things that Frey cannot grow.
There are enemies that Thor cannot sunder.
Your frith is constant.

Sigyn, The Bride of Loki,
She that holds venom, yet poisons none.
She that heals what does not bleed.
She that might feel for all pain that she sees.


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