So, It’s been a Year….

WordPress tells me its been a year since i started this blog.  Lovely stuff blogging is. 


Many MANY things have happened during that year but at this point i need to address the current situation.  Its NOT good.  And I have not talked about Home stuff here before but I’m in a place of Dire need right now.


We moved here last year when my husband was teaching in this school district. He has since changed districts and the property management company (we are on a lease option) has failed to perform a great deal of required repairs and maintenance. Among those things are failure to disclose a sinkhole in the backyard leftover from the conversion of septic to city sewer, failure to repair any of the major plumbing issues – including a major leak from the bathtub onto the top of the water heater, a leak in FROM THE OUTSIDE, faulty duct work, subcontractors poured grout INTO the drains in the bathroom when they did the tile – THIS HAS NEVER BEEN ADDRESSED, failure to put the tile on the wall in the bathroom back in after one minor repair to the drain in the sink (which did not actually fix it). Additionally they have done nothing to actually provide the living space we contracted with them for – they told us we could build out the basement in order to make the home a 3-4 bedroom home instead of the 2 bedroom home it is and was. We cannot build the walls with no electrical outlets, which they said they would put in – but they can’t/won’t until they fix the leaks in the basement which they refuse to address. All this and they are STILL robbing us on rent charging us over 250.00/month MORE than the same 2 bed/1ba in our neighborhood. That coupled with zero transportation options outside of ONE taxi in town which runs a MINIMUM of 7.00 ONE WAY for a trip that is 1.1 mile from home for required medical and mental health appointments makes it simply unaffordable for just about anyone. So we are DONE. We are looking for a home in Lexington where I have access to public transit so I can at least get to my medical appointments.

Below are photos and video of the kinds of issues we are being faced with that necessitate this move.

We NEED to do this over fall break which is the first week of October but we need your help to do this! Please help if you can!



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