Loki will be Loved.

My very dear friend Wrote this about Himself.

Tanisha is one of my very dearest friends and she amazes me so much with so many things she both is and does. But bottom lining it all for me is that Loki is so very many things, but beneath it all what He is for many is Love in many beautiful and ugly ways….

The Lure of Beauty


How to get Tanisha’s attention if you are a deity. Find an artistic image, character, or have her read/watch your story. Touch her heart and make her fall in love with you. Tada! Instant convert. 

As a Heathen, I love Lokians. I believe Loki deserves followers, and that he serves those followers well. I believe that in a circle, He should be able to be “Hailed” along with all the others. I don’t (things are developing) have a big, lovely relationship with Him. Once I learned He was to have a drink every time Odin does, I have always poured some for Him. It seems good manners and hospitality, which is a large part of Heathenism, so it makes sense. 

I’ve seen similar issues with Exu, Road Keeper of the Orisha. Every ceremony opens with Him, He translates your requests for the Orisha (except for Oshun, she can hear you…

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