An Artists rant

for me, it begins with an idea, whether it is an idea that someoen asks if i can do or an idea that is from ‘nowhere’.

See the idea goes from mind/spirit energy to physical energy.  when it comes to the physical part that involves materials… gemstones, metal etc.  when i craft somethign for my shop its because i have the required materials avaialbel  and have them ready to be used and for sale.  Understand that currently Sterling wire – which is the bulk of what i work with – is running around 60.00 per ounce of wire – which is about 12 feet of 18g wire.  that sounds liek a lot of wire when you are talkign abotu jewelry, but its not… Really its not.

I’m at the mercy of the silver market and well that just sucks.  but anyhow I have the metal on hand to do things for sale right away.  Unless I get diverted to other things liek customorders and weekends away.

Now I have always been flexible on payment and terms with my work but honestly with market prices i cannot afford that now.  in the last 2 months i have had no less than 6 people request specifics and then either not give me a deposit, not pay for it at all.  this leaves me with a supply shortage and becuase I sunk money ionto their projects “RIGHT NOW” I no longer havethe funds avaialable in my bank account.  This time its the inability to restock in time for an event and that sux mightily but its at least not teh difference in eatig or not liek it can be froe some.

Bottom line here….  you can ask me to craft soemthign for you anytime

but unless you at LEAST give me supply cost UP FRONT I’m going to laugh you out the door…


The Family Jewels ~ Angrboda

After many changes in design and a near surrender of my wits She is Done 🙂  crafted in copper and bronze Rings in both square and round rings and a large bloodstone as the centerpiece This piece is for Angrboda done to Her specifications and desires…


The Family Jewels ~ The Adoration of Glut




As you all know Loki bade me make a collection for His Family.  I have posted Sigyns Aqua and that design has found its home in a Devotees home.  This piece, for Glut has a very special place for me since She Claimed me.  She wrapped Her Self around me as a blanket of the sunrise. .Tthe colors of the night sky coming to the light of dawn…. made with peacock pearls, blue swarovski crystals, blue niobium rings, copper rings, copper wire and purple blue niobium wire and 3 azotic Topaz Stones


closerup2 glutfinished2 2013-02-23 10.26 finishedglutcloseup1



I have decided to team up with the Infamous Mrs B  to sponsor a contest!  The winner will receive the design pictured below.  In order to be eligible please see the link below and follow the directions for contest entry that Kris has posted for your chance to win.

This design is a multi-toned Niobium adjustable (16″ – 22″) choker.  The colors range from pale yellow to blue and it features dropped Swarovski cosmic circle wrapped with a silver filled 18 g serpent suspending a spiral Goddess.  This piece is valued at $110.00.

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom January Contest 

The Family Jewels!

Ok, As y’all know I am a crafter of fine Shiney Things…. I am looking for some input from you regarding what stones you associate with Loki’s Family – IE His children.

I already have the stones for His Mother and two of his 3 wives. Laufey – Peridot, Sigyn – Aquamarine, Glut – Azotic Topaz (or possibly Fire Opal Still pondering that one)


So, As i said – looking for input on what stones you associate with His children AND WHY you make that association


Thanks so much in advance I would have put this in the social but I want a larger pool to draw from and am Deadly serious, I want to honor ALL of them, I have my own associations naturally but My intention is to create this as a specific collection that will be ongoing for my shop.


Lokisfamily concept pieces

The Lady Freyja, Brisingamen, Ivaldi and me…

So, it seems that it all began some months back when I look at it from this point….  Freyja’s wending her way into my view that is….  My attention was brought back to Her when someone I knew was angered by song lyrics of all things.  Claimed that these lyrics were “An insult to her Goddess”.  The lyrics in question were simple, in fact they were almost exact to the lore but for the fact that it was put to music.  I simply couldn’t make sense of it unless one was calling the lore an insult.  But, whatever… she was offended, I was intrigued but I left it lie, it was irrelevant but for it bringing my attention to Freyja…

Not much later I decided to have the etsy store critiqued and there set about making some pretty major changes.  Among them was the name.  We wanted to honor and reflect our heathen faith as well as embody certain beneficial concepts that were in line with our feelings about our craft and what we want to achieve with the shop. Well into my head popped Andvaris hoard – NOT a good name when trying to generate sales!  NO CURSES PLEASE! but it sparked a thought, and a message.  The Lady said to dig deeper, deeper down into the unfertile soil, deeper down the spiral, there plant the seed the dew will feed it and flourish.  Then Rob said to reread Volunds Lay in the Eddas.  So I did, and that is where it took me…..  Into the dark world of the Dwarves and their craft.

But the thing is that as I was being given that message from The Lady I heard the word Brisingamen whispered in my ear.  Then the message was that I was thinking of the necklace of gold.  The tears were the gift of it all though.  so I listened, and was told to make what my interpretation of Brisingamen is for this world to see, to use my craft and skill, to use what has passed from the Sons of Ivaldi into the craftspeople, the metal workers to create this thing of beauty.  Naturally I ask myself why? why is this work given to me?  and much like the first whisper I hear “because you can, even if you don’t know it yet”.

So, I looked for amber – untreated in any way – NOT an easy thing to find! and found it in Lithuania.  And I ordered the other supplies I knew I would need – rings… brass bronze, and copper – some in square wire.  The amber is in 3 colors, the centerpiece is a teardrop shaped Apatite.

The work begun at 12:33am 12/22/11 as the sun moved into Capricorn and was completed 1 week later


The Lady Freyja, Brisingamen, Ivaldi and me…