Leikin Ondshrafn…. Filling the Void…

Ah details…… Lovely thing they are, so lets start with the basic stuff shall we?

I have been known by many names in my life….  Given legal type name to multiple nicknames and magical names as well.  Michelle is the name given by my parents, I have been everything from Shelly to Mykki to Misha and finally to Penny.  Magical names have been varied as well but I do not see them changing again. Leikin Öndshrafn – the name Hela gave me seems to me to carry with it a title of sorts that describes what I do for Her – Leikin being another name for Her, Önd is Vital breath or universal soul, and Hrafn is the Raven which is the form taken when I do Her Work.

I have walked this path for more of my life than i have not, it really began when i was only 4 that i recall my first bit of  ‘something else’ out there and it has only expanded since then – now 40 years later and I know I have still not begun to scratch the surface of things I don’t know… I will forever Seek The Mysteries.

As for the ‘mundane’ type stuff well I’m a lot of things really.  I’m a wife to an amazing man who has put up with my shit since 1999, a mother to three incredible daughters that drive me absolutely nuts, I am disabled with many factors  and I an a creator/owner/designer of my hobby/meditation/sacred work Ivaldis Dream Trove.

So that is the ‘in a nutshell’ version of me …. the expanded story of my spiritual development can be seen at  https://theravensbreath.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/the-journey-thus-far-mostly/


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