A Healthy New Life

A Healthy New Life

Living with chronic and debillitating pain effects every part of life, both for the one enduring it and for our loved ones.  This winter nearly killed me.  I fell asleep crying more often than not just because the pain was unbearable.  

In the short weeks I was in Arizona visiting my sister Sarah I was able to move, and run and dance and LIVE for the first time I can remember in more than 15 years. While I was there I did not have a single ache or pain.  For me, this was nothign short of a miracle.  And one that thankfully I can make happen. 

I have lived with Firbromyalgia and Arthritis in my knees,ankles and spine for many years.  People always say to go to the southwest and it will be SO much better.  I now understand why they say that.  
My husband Adam has been able to transfer his teaching credentials to Arizona and as a result has been able to find employment in the Phoenix area.  

It is truly a blessing to be able to do this.  For the first time I will be able to actually be IN my childrens lives instead of just watching them play and have fun with their dad, I will be able to play with them and laugh with them without fear of pain 

Now, we just have to get there.  The cost of moving us and our belongings is not cheap and we really need your help in helping us get there.  Please do what you are able to help us out, we appreciate you all…


Of course I absolutely understand that mone is tight for everyone but all i ask is tha tif you cannot give that you share the link around… Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr… whatever media you use please share. ther eare some really awesome things as reward levels!