Loki as Provider

I know, not what many people think of when they hear the name “Loki” but for me it is very much a fact.

Loki is one of My Muses.  He is in fact the single biggest source of inspiration I have in my art and creative process. He very much brings the rune of Kenaz to my work, but more than that He actually brings me work.  And I have to give credit where it is due

I cannot count the number of Client I have that are Clients because “Loki said you could do this”.  including a time where i actually got a phone call saying that Loki told her to call me to have this done. 

Beyond that I know that others devoted to Him have had the same or similar things happen to them as well.


This is a simple THANK YOU to Himself.  For providing when needed and inspiring in the first place…






All of the things…..

much has been going on….  some good, some righteously sucky and some , just is…


creatively I have been awesome. Many things have been made, new ventures are being taken on and things on that level are rather lovely….  This years Holiday collection will be in two colors and that is a new thing for me.  I am also doing more extensive silver work.  Additionally I am doing custom stone carvings.  they are done meditatively and as with all of my work I listen to what the stone has to say about what is being found within it and follow its lead… we will see how that goes :)….


Yes, this blog is ostensibly for Loki….  and I am wholly aware that I have not discussed Him in quite some time,  I am in the midst of writing a rather longish post in regard to Him and things that happened in the desert with His Family.  it was a very powerful experience for me so it is takign much longer than i had anticipated…


in the meantime i will leave you with some photos of my new creations…




Ok I knwo I’ve been dead quiet for a whiel but its time to end the silence. 


Currently I’m not in the greatest place.  but heres the deal.  not the best place has put me in uber creative mode and i have a shop full of stuff to buy.  And I NEED you to buy.  It is summer, Adam is a teacher and there is no paycheck right now soooo income helps.  I have a storefront in facebook now AND on Etsy.  you can shop EITHER place!




Ivaldis Dream Trove ON SALE NOW

Ivaldis Dream Trove ON SALE NOW

A deviation from the standard spiritual ramblings today out of pure desperation….


We here at Leikins Casa de Loki are in a not too pleasant bind.  Brakes out on the van means we are broke until payday on the 30th.  This… is NOT good…  in fact it could be monumentally BAD.  


But that is where you dear reader and fan of my shiney baubles come in.  Please look at the link.  you will find there a virtual trove of treasures that you can own any one of  right now for 25% off and free shipping in the Domestic US.  Who knows I may even throw in a free gift or something else spiffy with it.  


Please feel free to pass this along.  


I have a craft for a reason, if i cannot use it to put food in my kids bellies then what can i use it for?  Thanks for reading, please have a look and thanks in advance for anythign else


The Family Jewels!

Ok, As y’all know I am a crafter of fine Shiney Things…. I am looking for some input from you regarding what stones you associate with Loki’s Family – IE His children.

I already have the stones for His Mother and two of his 3 wives. Laufey – Peridot, Sigyn – Aquamarine, Glut – Azotic Topaz (or possibly Fire Opal Still pondering that one)


So, As i said – looking for input on what stones you associate with His children AND WHY you make that association


Thanks so much in advance I would have put this in the social but I want a larger pool to draw from and am Deadly serious, I want to honor ALL of them, I have my own associations naturally but My intention is to create this as a specific collection that will be ongoing for my shop.


Lokisfamily concept pieces