The Family Jewels ~ Angrboda

After many changes in design and a near surrender of my wits She is Done ūüôā ¬†crafted in copper and bronze Rings in both square and round rings and a large bloodstone as the centerpiece This piece is for Angrboda done to Her specifications and desires…





I have decided to team up with the Infamous Mrs B  to sponsor a contest!  The winner will receive the design pictured below.  In order to be eligible please see the link below and follow the directions for contest entry that Kris has posted for your chance to win.

This design is a multi-toned¬†Niobium¬†adjustable (16‚Ä≥ ‚Äď 22‚Ä≥) choker. ¬†The colors range from pale yellow to blue and it features dropped¬†Swarovski¬†cosmic circle wrapped with a silver filled 18 g serpent suspending a spiral Goddess. ¬†This piece is valued at $110.00.

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom January Contest 

The Family Jewels!

Ok, As y’all know I am a crafter of fine Shiney Things…. I am looking for some input from you regarding what stones you associate with Loki’s Family – IE His children.

I already have the stones for His Mother and two of his 3 wives. Laufey – Peridot, Sigyn – Aquamarine, Glut – Azotic Topaz (or possibly Fire Opal Still pondering that one)


So, As i said – looking for input on what stones you associate with His children AND WHY you make that association


Thanks so much in advance I would have put this in the social but I want a larger pool to draw from and am Deadly serious, I want to honor ALL of them, I have my own associations naturally but My intention is to create this as a specific collection that will be ongoing for my shop.


Lokisfamily concept pieces