Loki as Provider

I know, not what many people think of when they hear the name “Loki” but for me it is very much a fact.

Loki is one of My Muses.  He is in fact the single biggest source of inspiration I have in my art and creative process. He very much brings the rune of Kenaz to my work, but more than that He actually brings me work.  And I have to give credit where it is due

I cannot count the number of Client I have that are Clients because “Loki said you could do this”.  including a time where i actually got a phone call saying that Loki told her to call me to have this done. 

Beyond that I know that others devoted to Him have had the same or similar things happen to them as well.


This is a simple THANK YOU to Himself.  For providing when needed and inspiring in the first place…







BLACK MASS is IMO an amazing innovator and artist, He is an inspiration to me in many ways and I’m really very honored to be among those he considers a friend and peer, as I know he is definitely one who Sees the Larger picture…  So, Shameless promotion of his work and his opinion…  For more about him check the weblink 🙂

Written by Black Mass January 2013

People ask [me] who are the artists to watch out for..so without further pause, here is my list of the top 20 most inspiring, innovative, and influential emerging artists of the current period and the one’s who you should keep your eye on as they are all stars in the making and deserving of your attention. list in random order. Each of these artists has a unique vision, style or concept, word and represent different mediums and by no means does this list encompass the entirety of my appreciation for countless other emerging artists..these are the ones I find to be the ones to “bet” on given their steadily growing popularity and consistent body of work..

1.Christopher Ulrich 
2.Julie Luke
3.Erick De La Vega
4.Lou “Lounatic” Rusconi
5.Ian Ward
6.Krawczyk Stanislav
7.Ron Frisby
8. Jel Ena
9. Brian Smith
10. Chris Haas
11. Rick Zar
13. Apricot Mantle
14. Fernando Carpenada
15.justin Slattum
16.Sean Madden
17.jim charrette
18.Michael Bermudez
19.Orlee Andromedae
20.Christina M Anderson

Honorable mention to Kat Monroe and her Gallery Sev-ven..This woman and her Gallery are about to take the world by storm…mark my words..

Now I have to add too that I am one of the Artists with work at Sev Ven and am beyond honored to have my work in Kats Gallery.  Thank you Black mass, and all of the fine artists that contribute to the opeing of mind, thought and world!