Loki as Provider

I know, not what many people think of when they hear the name “Loki” but for me it is very much a fact.

Loki is one of My Muses.  He is in fact the single biggest source of inspiration I have in my art and creative process. He very much brings the rune of Kenaz to my work, but more than that He actually brings me work.  And I have to give credit where it is due

I cannot count the number of Client I have that are Clients because “Loki said you could do this”.  including a time where i actually got a phone call saying that Loki told her to call me to have this done. 

Beyond that I know that others devoted to Him have had the same or similar things happen to them as well.


This is a simple THANK YOU to Himself.  For providing when needed and inspiring in the first place…






All of the things…..

much has been going on….  some good, some righteously sucky and some , just is…


creatively I have been awesome. Many things have been made, new ventures are being taken on and things on that level are rather lovely….  This years Holiday collection will be in two colors and that is a new thing for me.  I am also doing more extensive silver work.  Additionally I am doing custom stone carvings.  they are done meditatively and as with all of my work I listen to what the stone has to say about what is being found within it and follow its lead… we will see how that goes :)….


Yes, this blog is ostensibly for Loki….  and I am wholly aware that I have not discussed Him in quite some time,  I am in the midst of writing a rather longish post in regard to Him and things that happened in the desert with His Family.  it was a very powerful experience for me so it is takign much longer than i had anticipated…


in the meantime i will leave you with some photos of my new creations…



It Begins


that first moment of waking

opening to the world once more as She kisses it in glowing beauty

this is the time,

the time of beginning

the time when all changes

all the work

all the love

all the joy




With you

with Me

With Us

The Dawn Wakes

She Stirs in unquiet joy

In Power Seized and given






sooooo, an ongoing thing….

well, we have raised a good portion of the necessary funds to get our wonderful friends to trothmoot but that is just not enough really IMO.  


There needs to be an ongoing fundraising effortso that we have a resource avaialbe in the future should we need it.  so we don’t have to scramble at the last minute again.


that said I’m going to keep listing auctions as items can be donated to it.  currently listed items can be found http://www.ebay.com/sch/sirspenny0703/m.html?item=190827001979&pt=Fashion_Jewelry&hash=item2c6e2cf87b&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562


and I have started a facebook group for heathen fundraising as well called the Super Secret (or not) Heathen Fundraising Page where one can find info and updates and is loosley associated with the Lokean League of Very Bad People (naturally) cuz you know we are evil like that… lol

Get KveldufR and Sagadis to Trothmoot 2013!

Get KveldufR and Sagadis to Trothmoot 2013!


It’s not often that KveldufR and Sagadis are able to get to the US.  but this year Trothmoot is in California and that is Sagadis’ home so it woudl be especially wonderful for her to be able to attend.  Additionally KveldufR has done SOOOO MUCH WORK to “Clear Lokis Name” and bring the many unspoken aspects of Himself to light  that his absence would be very deeply felt this being the first year that Loki will have a Ve at the event.

That said we are fundraising to get them here.  We will be auctioning several incredible items in addition to the standard donation page.  Please come back for updates as we fill in details!