Loki as Provider

I know, not what many people think of when they hear the name “Loki” but for me it is very much a fact.

Loki is one of My Muses.  He is in fact the single biggest source of inspiration I have in my art and creative process. He very much brings the rune of Kenaz to my work, but more than that He actually brings me work.  And I have to give credit where it is due

I cannot count the number of Client I have that are Clients because “Loki said you could do this”.  including a time where i actually got a phone call saying that Loki told her to call me to have this done. 

Beyond that I know that others devoted to Him have had the same or similar things happen to them as well.


This is a simple THANK YOU to Himself.  For providing when needed and inspiring in the first place…






It began with a spark…

An idea that was suggested by one of the most knowledgeable authors in heathenry at large.  I am very blessed to have developed some amazing friendships with people that have influenced my belief structure and magical practice.  Two nights ago in a conversation with one of them about yet another point of my journey I expressed that blessing to my friend and thanked him for his work and his friendship (I’m pretty big on acknowledgement of things and people that have helped me) and my friend said to me that the feeling was mutual.  Not epic to most people Im sure when talking to a friend.  But consider that the friend in questions writing has had major influence over my experience of my faith and that I still have a metric fukton of fangirl squee over said author and you have a rather huge chinfloor moment that I will not likely get over at any time in the near future.  The exchange went thus…

S:  Actually, seriously…have you considered writing up your experiences and understandings?

M: yes, its one of the things Loki prods me about, part of why i started blogging

S: I think you should consider doing a book.

M: wow *faints*.  its in the brain.  i need to get used to writing more i think but meanwhile i collect.

i think i might just cry over that.  in a good way

S:  Awww…But really, I think your experiences and thoughts are of very significant value and should be made more widely available.

M: i dont disagree  I think i have a very unique perspective to offer overall.  i may have to get you to proofread it…

S: I’ll be happy to!

M:  thank you, I will hold you to that.  ok so… Im gonna do this

S:  Awesome!

M:   that ember Loki put in my Heart, its glowing now.   i think thats a pretty direct response

S:  Yes!

M:  thank you

S:  I will be delighted to give you any help I can.

M: thank you, I will hold you to that.  and you have my permission to hold ME to it too, as i have just made it my status i fear there will be no shortage of holding to it

S: I will hold you to that, because LOKI IS WATCHING.


S: He is watching…and he saw you (and me) write that…and now we’re committed!

M: indeed, and He (nor I or you I daresay) would have it any other way

S:  Quite!

M:  this, is going to be one hel of a ride!

S:  Oh, yes!

M: hehehhehehe!


So, The spark begins to catch now……

The work of writing has begun, and happily at this point it flows well.  I do know it will not always be so  but for now it is good. My Beloved God is Happy with The Work, and that is never a bad thing…..


in the still darkness
where there is only me
And the air that i breathe
The space I am in,
The warmth that brings sweat on the coldest night.

There is quiet.
Blissfull, peaceful
Golden Quiet

The Quiet of Between
The Void
Where There is No Thing,
Yet All

The Bliss of this quiet is undeniable,
and undefinable.
It is what The sages spoke of Long ago
It is utter

It is the space That Sky Dancer Lives
It is comfort, A soft whisper saying ‘breathe it’s ok”
It is simply Him,
My Loki,
The one who has been there forever…

In the darkest Still Quiet

For it IS Mighty, and it WILL Destroy You

This is what Tom Hiddleston said on his facebook page about this song. So I listened. And I do no tthink he lied.


Hail The World Breaker!

The Music , it comes
it says to me, Leikin Lokisgydhia, you have wings, You have the power to Soar the Highest of Heights. Do so, Take wing and fly to The Heights. Be with The clouds, Dance in the sky. No, Don’t dance IN the sky.. Dance THE sky Be the wind that burns as fire through the midnight dark, Be the lightning and Dance, Dance the sky…..

Hail, Hail to Thee My Skydancer! Hail to Thee!