The Family Jewels ~ Angrboda

After many changes in design and a near surrender of my wits She is Done 🙂  crafted in copper and bronze Rings in both square and round rings and a large bloodstone as the centerpiece This piece is for Angrboda done to Her specifications and desires…



The Family Jewels ~ The Adoration of Glut




As you all know Loki bade me make a collection for His Family.  I have posted Sigyns Aqua and that design has found its home in a Devotees home.  This piece, for Glut has a very special place for me since She Claimed me.  She wrapped Her Self around me as a blanket of the sunrise. .Tthe colors of the night sky coming to the light of dawn…. made with peacock pearls, blue swarovski crystals, blue niobium rings, copper rings, copper wire and purple blue niobium wire and 3 azotic Topaz Stones


closerup2 glutfinished2 2013-02-23 10.26 finishedglutcloseup1

Shrine to Glut

Shrine to Glut

I have had a good deal of Gnosis with this too often forgotten Goddess/being.  She was Loki’s First Wife and bore Him Two daughters.  She has Claimed me as much as the Rest Of Them have, quite possibly more…

May the caress of Dawns Glow warm your in the coldness and bring light to your dark…